The Original Bali Swing

Address: Jl. Dewi Saraswati, 80352 Bongkasa Pertiwi, Kapubaten Bandung, Bali (Banjar Tegal Kuning), Bali, Indonesia

Opening Hours: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Entrance Fee: $35 (USD)/ adult

(they also accept Rupiahs, just not sure with the figures. Also accepting credit card payments)

Tip: You should really come early because queuing time for swings and nest are quite too long everyday. Usually, tourists arrive after 9:00 AM.



This is the waiting area where you will settle your payment. Your $35 rate includes the following:

✓ Entrance w/ access to all of its 22 activities (12 single swings, 6 nests, 1 helicopter, 3 huge rock stone platforms, and the waterfalls)
✓ Lunch buffet
✓ Drinks (coffee, tea, and water)
✓ Locker (limited only)
✓ Free transportation for those coming from Ubud via scheduled shuttle bus




The 12 single swings vary from their heights. They are 10 meters to 78 meters above the ground. Don’t worry, all of them have safety gears and braces.

Oh by the way, there’s a weight limit of 200 kg for every swing.




Of course they are all very nice to try! With a combination of fear and excitement at the same time, then those feeling immediately converted to amazement and attraction soon as they push you to swing. Definitely a must in Bali! ☺️




This one above is the first nest you’ll see from the entrance gate, so you should definitely try on this first if you want to avoid the long queue later.

Another nest is this one below. This is the one at the center and overlooking to the whole Bali Swing place.


Beside this is another cute nest! And this one is my personal favorite! 🤩


It’s already passed 10:30 AM, and the long queues for the swings and nests already started. So this one below is the last nest we were able to try on.


After this, we already decided to go further down to the river (as lunch buffet is also served in there), and surprisingly we encountered another cute nest with the waterfall! Still no one’s here yet since everybody’s still busy up there with the swings and nests 😂

We then had our lunch, and headed to our next stop. You know, as like any backpacking itinerary, destinations are fully loaded in one day 😂

Helicopter Platform


Heart-shaped Stone Platform


Huge Bali Swing Stone Platform



There are already a lot of swings in Bali but still the original Bali Swing deserves a good visit! Everyone in here was very kind and accommodating. Platforms were safe and comfortable, especially the swings and the nests.

Exciting swing rides, isn’t? You can already book your visit as early as now!

Reservations are not required but due to high demand, it is preferred. Check Bali Swing’s rates and the other packages here:

NOTE: Details on this blog are accurate as of September 2018



Need help in setting up your Bali Swing plan? We can recommend, Rai! He’s been our driver during the trip, and he’s very good at this. You may try and check him out thru these links:

#Bali Good 🇮🇩

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