Wanagiri Hidden Hill

Address: Jl. Raya Wanagiri, Munduk, Singaraja 81161, Bali, Indonesia

Entrance Fee: Rp150,000/ adult

You can negotiate the entrance fee to Rp50,000/ adult if you would only use fewer platforms.



The Lookouts





We initially chose those 3 platforms above for the Rp50,000 entrance fee, but later on they allowed us to use the other platforms without additional cost.

From our perception, they can allow Rp50,000/ adult rate for the use of all platforms EXCEPT the actual swing (like in the Bali Swing). During the negotiation, it looks like it’s what that’s only matters to them.

Yeah, so luckily we were also able to try the others. 😊


Yes, the original price of Rp100,000/ adult is a bit expensive for just a photo opportunity which can be done in only 30 minutes. But if you consider their preparation, how they built these platforms and made sure they were all safe is already unremarkable. And their management is already considerate of the bargaining as well. Maybe we should just try to ask and negotiate with them nicely and with respect. 😊

Anyway, Wanagiri Hidden Hill is still enjoyable even that you will only spend few minutes inside. You will be embraced with that very calming and stunning view of the lake. Very relaxing!


Wanagiri Twin Lakes


Not too far from the Hidden Hill is a platform made to oversee the two lovely twin lakes of Wanagiri. They are the Buyan Lake and Tamblingan Lake.


So romantic isn’t? Why not plan your Wanagiri trip now? You will not regret! ☺️

Visit Wanagiri Hidden Hill’s pages here:

NOTE: Details on this blog are accurate as of September, 2018



Guide Rai can help you out! Plan the tour, Ride you there, Photograph you out, plus additional Bali trivia 😂 You can reach him thru the following links below, and please send our regards!

#Bali Good 🇮🇩

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