Panglao Island, Bohol

Panglao has been one of the most beautiful places we’ve ever been to (well here in the Philippines), particularly its Virgin Island and Balicasag Island.

Now, how do we get here? Fly from Manila to Tagbilaran, and rent a tricycle to Panglao (for your convenience) hehe, I’m not really familiar with other means of transportation going here.

From your resort, you can hire a boat to take you to an island hopping to these two points. Again, for your convenience, it’s better you book an accommodation at the Alona Beach as most boat services can be found in there.

Boat Rental


We rented a boat before even flying to Bohol to avoid hassle and inconveniences should there be unavailability of boats (well since we weren’t at the Alona Beach).

Boat rental fee c/o Naldix is at โ‚ฑ 1,600 per boat. Our boat is super big for 2 persons, I think it can accommodate 10-13 persons more. You may try to contact him thru his mobile number 0917-324-1511.

The boat rental fee includes just the island hopping transport from our resort to Balicasag Island, then to the Virgin Island, and back to the resort.

There are fixed environmental fee and required guide fee to visit the two islands:

Environmental fee – โ‚ฑ 100/head

Guide fee – โ‚ฑ 150/head

These are for the two islands already.

Balicasag Island



The island is best known for underwater activities, specifically snorkeling.

Each activity has a corresponding rate, but you can also avail packages to pay cheaper. We opted to choose the package of turtle watching and snorkeling.





There are available snorkeling gears in the island for rent. But for us, we brought our own. There’s also an eatery, and a store for all of your island necessities.


Virgin Island


It’s true there’s already a lot of “virgin islands” in the Philippines currently on the spotlight, but I assure you, this one should be included on your travel list.

Though during our visit, we were not lucky enough to fully experience its sandbar because of the high tide, but still you can definitely see how beautiful this island was. Its sand was pure as white, and its water was as clear as crystal! Definitely one of a travel destination goals!



There’s already some stalls set up in there for the vendors of food, some snacks and drinks.

NOTE: Details on this blog is accurate as of September 2017


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