Fengjia Night Market, Taichung’s Shopping Town

Fengjia Night Market or Fengjia Shopping Town as what it’s commonly known is the largest night market in Taiwan. It’s located in Xitun District of Taichung City.

Though it is called a “night market”, stalls here close at around 11:00 PM. This market is really big, you might need to visit it twice to fully explore the area.

Fengjia 0002-side

This night market undeniably justifies its nickname to be a “shopping town”, as you can see there are lots of stores for shoes, clothes, and wants. And surprisingly, shoes here are very very very affordable, plus it’s tax-free!



Fengjia 0011

Oh! Surely, the best in Fengjia is its food!!! You cannot visit and leave this place without trying some of these food.

Xiaolongbao – As you can read from many other blogs, xiaolongbao in Taiwan is the best of all, we’ve proven it.

Street food – Definitely worth having hepatitis! But of course I’m kidding! Haha! Well kidding on the hepatitis part, but worthy street food is for real!

Fengjia 0012-side


Fengjia 0008-side

Milk Tea – Oh! Taiwan’s the original milk tea maker! Definitely awesome milk teas they make!

These two are the best you should try! Baboq Brown Sugar and Tiger Sugar!! Both using arnibal, like in our ph taho ❤

Fengjia 0005-side

When you’re in here, it’s like you can never stop eating! That’s why you really should empty your stomach before going to Taiwan, as we know, it’s famously known for night markets, and night markets here will never ever fail to make you full! But, careful spending, you might find food in here surely expensive. Bring more than enough, it’s disappointing not to try their so many bests!


NOTE: Details on this blog is accurate as of December 2018


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