Houli’s Zhong She Flower Farm

Zhong She Flower Farm or most commonly referred to as the Houli Flower Farm is another of Taichung’s precious destinations. It’s located in Sanfeng Road of Houli, Taichung City.

Unlike in Taipei, commuting in public means here is a little bit complicated. But don’t worry, there are already ongoing constructions in Taichung for MRT lines to make commuting more efficient like in Taipei. It will be soon opened.

Houli 0012

For our trip, as we only have limited time exploring Taichung, we opt to rent a van for convenience. So as to not waste time finding places in our itinerary, it’s really convenient for us to get someone who already are familiar with the area.

Details of our Taichung itinerary will be soon posted on this link: Taiwan 4-day Itinerary

Houli 0021

Houli 0003-side

You have two options in entering this farm:

  1. TWD 120/ person – plain entrance fee to the farm
  2. TWD 320/ person – entrance to the farm + unlimited BBQ meal at their eatery

Since we haven’t had our lunch yet, we opt to avail the second option. Well, it can justify its price enough.

Houli 0001-side


Here are some photos for share inside the flower farm:

Amazingly stunning views indeed!

Houli 0006

Houli 0035

Houli 0037

Houli 0046Houli 0047

Houli 0039-side

Houli 0066

Houli 0077Houli 0093

For more photos, please visit our facebook page @thelifeofpag.


NOTE: Details on this blog is accurate as of December 2018


#Taiwan..2..3 🇹🇼

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