Jiufen Old Street (九份老街), Tea travel!

Jiufen Village is located in Ruifang District of New Taipei City. It is famous for having lots of amazing street food and souvenir stalls, AND most especially their magical afternoon teas!

Aside from the very fact that Jiufen has the best teas in town, people still prefer to go in here for its vintage and cool ambiance which makes the perfect mood in drinking to that tasteful cup of teas.

Jiufen 0001
Map of Jiufen Village c/o Kkday


Jiufen Old Street

Let’s walk around the old street, and try delicious foods!

Jiufen 0002-side

Jiufen 0007-sideJiufen 0008-side

Trying these shrimp fried rice and some veggies with fried shrimp toppings! Totally forgot the name of these foods but will never ever forgot how it taste! We’re undeniably in love!!!!


Jiufen Afternoon Tea

Of course, we can’t leave without trying their famous tea.

Jiufen 0032

Jiufen 0029
Skyline Tea House

Two thumbs up for this tea! Plus the lovely view, cold breeze, and everything! Everything in here was perfect! Surely commendable!

Let’s cheers to Jiufen!

Jiufen 0031

PS: We went on a guided tour thru Kkday, this afternoon tea and snacks were included so we cannot share you specific expenses.


NOTE: Details on this blog is accurate as of December 2018


#Taiwan..2..3 🇹🇼






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