Jiufen Old Street (九份老著), Tea travel!

Jiufen Village is located in Ruifang District of New Taipei City. It is famous for having lots of amazing street food and souvenir stalls, AND most especially their magical afternoon teas!

Aside from the very fact that Jiufen has the best teas in town, people still prefer to go in here for its vintage and cool ambiance which makes the perfect mood in drinking to that tasteful cup of teas.

Jiufen 0001
Map of Jiufen Village c/o Kkday


Jiufen Old Street

Let’s walk around the old street, and try delicious foods!

Jiufen 0002-side

Jiufen 0007-sideJiufen 0008-side

Trying these shrimp fried rice and some veggies with fried shrimp toppings! Totally forgot the name of these foods but will never ever forgot how it taste! We’re undeniably in love!!!!


Jiufen Afternoon Tea

Of course, we can’t leave without trying their famous tea.

Jiufen 0032

Jiufen 0029
Skyline Tea House

Two thumbs up for this tea! Plus the lovely view, cold breeze, and everything! Everything in here was perfect! Surely commendable!

Let’s cheers to Jiufen!

Jiufen 0031

PS: We went on a guided tour thru Kkday, this afternoon tea and snacks were included so we cannot share you specific expenses.


NOTE: Details on this blog is accurate as of December 2018


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Houli’s Zhong She Flower Farm

Zhong She Flower Farm or most commonly referred to as the Houli Flower Farm is another of Taichung’s precious destinations. It’s located in Sanfeng Road of Houli, Taichung City.

Unlike in Taipei, commuting in public means here is a little bit complicated. But don’t worry, there are already ongoing constructions in Taichung for MRT lines to make commuting more efficient like in Taipei. It will be soon opened.

Houli 0012

For our trip, as we only have limited time exploring Taichung, we opt to rent a van for convenience. So as to not waste time finding places in our itinerary, it’s really convenient for us to get someone who already are familiar with the area.

Details of our Taichung itinerary will be soon posted on this link: Taiwan 4-day Itinerary

Houli 0021

Houli 0003-side

You have two options in entering this farm:

  1. TWD 120/ person – plain entrance fee to the farm
  2. TWD 320/ person – entrance to the farm + unlimited BBQ meal at their eatery

Since we haven’t had our lunch yet, we opt to avail the second option. Well, it can justify its price enough.

Houli 0001-side


Here are some photos for share inside the flower farm:

Amazingly stunning views indeed!

Houli 0006

Houli 0035

Houli 0037

Houli 0046Houli 0047

Houli 0039-side

Houli 0066

Houli 0077Houli 0093

For more photos, please visit our facebook page @thelifeofpag.


NOTE: Details on this blog is accurate as of December 2018


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Fengjia Night Market, Taichung’s Shopping Town

Fengjia Night Market or Fengjia Shopping Town as what it’s commonly known is the largest night market in Taiwan. It’s located in Xitun District of Taichung City.

Though it is called a “night market”, stalls here close at around 11:00 PM. This market is really big, you might need to visit it twice to fully explore the area.

Fengjia 0002-side

This night market undeniably justifies its nickname to be a “shopping town”, as you can see there are lots of stores for shoes, clothes, and wants. And surprisingly, shoes here are very very very affordable, plus it’s tax-free!



Fengjia 0011

Oh! Surely, the best in Fengjia is its food!!! You cannot visit and leave this place without trying some of these food.

Xiaolongbao – As you can read from many other blogs, xiaolongbao in Taiwan is the best of all, we’ve proven it.

Street food – Definitely worth having hepatitis! But of course I’m kidding! Haha! Well kidding on the hepatitis part, but worthy street food is for real!

Fengjia 0012-side


Fengjia 0008-side

Milk Tea – Oh! Taiwan’s the original milk tea maker! Definitely awesome milk teas they make!

These two are the best you should try! Baboq Brown Sugar and Tiger Sugar!! Both using arnibal, like in our ph taho ❀

Fengjia 0005-side

When you’re in here, it’s like you can never stop eating! That’s why you really should empty your stomach before going to Taiwan, as we know, it’s famously known for night markets, and night markets here will never ever fail to make you full! But, careful spending, you might find food in here surely expensive. Bring more than enough, it’s disappointing not to try their so many bests!


NOTE: Details on this blog is accurate as of December 2018


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Crosswinds Tagaytay, a quick fresh visit

Crosswinds Tagaytay is a luxurious resort suites located in Brgy. Iruhin, Central Calamba Road in Tagaytay. It is commonly known to be the only Swiss-themed property in Tagaytay.

IMG_9181 Pag

For those interested in checking in, Crosswinds Resort has 24 rooms available for touring guests, check out rates here: Crosswinds Tagaytay

For guests looking for a cheaper way to experience this luxury, there are some unit owners who let their units be rented by public via Airbnb.


On the other hand, the resort can still be visited even without checking in. Its entrance is big enough for families to experience the place and give them a little bit of its luxury. Yeah, just like what we did.


Touring around the entrance of Crosswinds…


Just a quick visit in here will make your getaway worthy. Oh by the way, there’s no entrance fee here. You can stay and take photos around all you want. When you get tired, there’s Coffee Bean, Cafe Voila and Sil Cor Cafe Restaurant around.

IMG_9197 Pag
Cafe Voila

Pinto Art Museum, art in Antipolo

Nowadays, museums are less likely appreciated. But not for us. Let us share this art museum in Antipolo to you guys, in our way, in our point of views.

This Pinto Art Museum contains galleries in mission-style buildings amid lush gardens, exhibiting contemporary & native art.


Address: 1 Sierra Madre St, Subdivision, Antipolo, 1870 Rizal

Opening Hours: 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM, closed on Mondays

Entrance Fee: β‚± 200 for the whole day tour. There’s a special rate available for senior citizens and students with valid school ID.

Email: pintoartmuseum@yahoo.com


By the way, they have a cafe inside so no need to worry about getting hungry. Though it’s strongly advisable to bring bottled water. You’ll definitely get thirsty touring around.


Art Galleries

So let’s start sharing their art gallery photos.




Interior and exterior house designs are also exhibited in here.




Now their gardens set up will surely calm your minds down.


Indeed a very good place to appreciate art! Let’s revive the art trend!

NOTE: Details on this blog is accurate as of November 2016



Cristina Villas Antipolo, a day trip

Antipolo, as we all know, is now the most common destination in Rizal to those looking for just a quick day trip. Most probably because of its relaxing mountain ambiance.

If you’re looking for a family-friendly destination here, we might have a recommendation for you. The Cristina Villas Mountain Resort, just located along the Taktak Road in Antipolo.

IMG_2935 Pag

Address: Taktak Road, Antipolo City

Tel. No.: (02) 697 – 4521 to 22

Email: cristinavillashotel@gmail.com

They have a hotel which is the one behind us at the above photo. Its hotel reception also serves as the resort’s reception. Check their hotel room rates here: Cristina Villas Hotel

But don’t worry for those who just wanted a short day trip as they also cater this type of visit. And it’s cheaper than to check in anyway.

Photo from Cristina Villas Resort

This entrance fee already has the access to all its swimming pools inside the resort. Just avail a cottage fitting to your group size.

There’s only 1 store inside, so you might want to bring your own food.

They also cater events such as weddings and debuts. They also have function rooms for smaller and other events. Check their event rates here: Cristina Villas Events


Resort Grounds

IMG_2943 PagIMG_2961 PagIMG_2965 PagIMG_2973 Pag

IMG_3073 PagIMG_2980 PagIMG_2984 PagIMG_3077 Pag

By the way, while rooming around, we found this point. It seems like they cater team building services as well, though it’s not really listed on their profile (well not at the time of our visit).

IMG_2977 Pag


Swimming Pools

IMG_3064 Pag

IMG_2970 PagIMG_2982 PagIMG_2991 PagIMG_2995 PagIMG_3001 PagIMG_3012 PagIMG_3046 PagIMG_3061 Pag

They really have a lot of swimming pools inside. So no need to worry to be crowded, even in summer, you can still come here. These pools are kid-friendly, there are slides and cute designs which children might enjoy.

They have a gym and spa inside, however only hotel guests have access to this.

IMG_2981 Pag

Another nice thing in this resort is that they have this very cute and solemn basilica inside. We’re just not sure when this is accessible, as it was closed the whole period of our stay.

IMG_2990 Pag

NOTE: Details on this blog is accurate as of May 2017

There you go! You may contact them directly for availability, bookings and updated rates. Just check out on their website here: Cristina Villas Resort