Bali, Indonesia in 6 Days, 5 nights

TRAVELED DATE: September 10-15, 2018

Blog Outline:

  1. Flight to Bali
  2. Home-stay Accommodation
  3. Tour Management
  4. Car and Guide Service
  5. Full Itinerary
  6. Budget and Expenses
  7. Travel Tips

Detailed list of this blog can be seen here: Bali Indonesia Travel Guide

Note: This itinerary, budget and expenses were based and computed on 5 people travelling together.



We managed to book a discounted price via Cebu Pacific, though not really the cheapest you can get, but still discounted. 😊

Our flight ticket includes PH and ID travel tax already, with one-way 20kg baggage allowance. Details of this can be found on the Bali Indonesia Travel Guide.

Travelling from NAIA T3 Manila to Ngurah Rai Airport Bali will take roughly 3 hours and 45 minutes. On board, you will be given an arrival card to fill in for customs purposes. You will just have to declare your items. This is to avoid illegal import and export of goods to/from Bali. For more details about this, you can check their immigration site here: Bali Indonesia Immigration and Customs.



Indonesia uses a currency of Rupiah or IDR (sign: ‘Rp’). Its exchange rates as of September 2018 are as follow:

1 USD ($1) = 15,028.55 IDR (Rp15,028.55)

1 PHP (₱1) = 276.54 IDR (Rp276.54)

As we will go on full tours each day, and thought that we may not have enough time during tours, we decided to exchange currency at the airport upon our arrival. We exchanged USD to IDR.

Note that there’s only a very few foreign exchange who accepts PHP, so to avoid hassle, exchange your PHP to USD before departing from Manila. Then USD to IDR upon arrival at Bali.


Photo from Ngurah & Ayu

We opted to book for a homestay instead of a hotel or apartment, since we initially wanted to socialize with the locals. And besides, it’s a lot cheaper.

So we browsed Airbnb and found this Canang Sari Homestay located in Denpasar, just 20-30 minutes away from the Bali airport.

Photo from Ngurah & Ayu

It is hosted by the very kind and accommodating Ngurah and Ayu. The place was neat and tidy, very comfortable, with kitchen and bathroom necessities and very good wifi connection, the food was delicious. And above all, hosts were very interactive, understanding, and kind. Plus its cheap rate of around PHP 1,500 per night. For more information about the place, please click here: Canang Sari Home Stay in Bali Indonesia


(from upper left) Moxer, Marky, Juni, Rej, Kier, Made, Gien (to lower right)

Since this was only our first international travel, we decided to contact someone from Bali to guide us for our tour and itinerary. Made Adayasa was very recommended by a Philippine travel group in Facebook, so we did the negotiations. He helped us arrange our itinerary and he provided us some helpful info and tips about the trip. For more information, you may visit Made or Galih Bali Tours profile thru the following links:

Facebook: Made Adayasa

Email: Made Adayasa

Website: Galih Bali Tours



We were serviced and guided by Rai on the 4 days of our tour. He actually has his own tour servicing agency, however he still works part time with Made, that he was the one Made sent for us. Indeed he’s been a very good driver and guide to us. He drives safe and knows the whole place well. He’s funny, and as well as informative, he shares their culture and provides some trivia. 😉

For more information about Rai’s services, you may reach him thru the following links:

Facebook: Raitour

Email: Rai Ardika


DAY 01

3:55 AM                   Manila to Bali

7:50 AM                   Bali airport to Home stay (check in luggage only)

8:40 AM                   Home stay to Bali Bird Park

12:00 PM                 Bali Bird Park to Keramas Aero Park (lunch)

2:30 PM                   Keramas Aero Park to Tanah Lot Temple

6:15 PM                   Tanah Lot to Grocery mart (buy supplies for daily dinner)

7:30 PM                   Grocery mart to Home stay

Bali Bird Park (click for full details)
Keramas Aero Park (click for full details)
Tanah Lot Temple (click for full details)

DAY 02

10:00 AM                   Home stay to The Edge Bali (lunch)

3:30 PM                      The Edge Bali to Uluwatu Temple

7:15 PM                      Uluwatu Temple to Home stay

Oneeighty° at The Edge (click for full details)
Uluwatu Temple (click for full details)

DAY 03

6:00 AM                  Home stay to Tegallalang Rice Terraces

8:50 AM                  Tegallalang to Gunung Kawi Temple

10:00 AM                Gunung Kawi to Batur Toya Devasya (lunch)

3:00 PM                   Toya Devasya to Ubud Market (buy souvenirs)

6:00 PM                   Ubud Market to Home stay

Tegallalang Rice Terraces (click for full details)
Gunung Kawi Temple (click for full details)
Toya Devasya Hot Spring (click for full details)
Ubud Palace

DAY 04

6:00 AM                       Home stay to Bali Swing

12:00 PM                     Bali Swing to Wanagiri Village

3:00 PM                       Wanagiri to Handara Temple Gate

4:15 PM                       Handara to Ulun Danu Beratan Temple

6:00 PM                       Ulun Danu Temple to Home stay

Bali Swing (click for full details)
Wanagiri Village (click for full details)
Handara Temple Gate

Before departing to Bali, our last knowledge is that Handara does not have any entrance fee. However, upon our visit, they now charge Rp30,000 per adult just for a photo opportunity with the iconic gate. They even put a gate barrier to stop people and collect entrance fees first. We then opted not to push through anymore, and we just had a “low budget” or “no budget” photo opportunity with the temple gate 😂😂😂.

Ulun Danu Beratan Temple (click for full details)

DAY 05

6:00 AM                   Home stay to Sanur Beach

8:00 AM                   Sanur Beach to Nusa Penida

Angel Billabong

Broken Beach

(lunch at Sebuluh Restaurant)

Kelingking Secret Point

Crystal Bay

4:00 PM                  Crystal Bay to Sanur

5:00 PM                  Sanur to Home stay

Sunrise at Sanur Beach
Angel Billabong
Broken Beach
Kelingking Secret Point
Crystal Bay

Click here for the full details of Nusa Penida Island Day Trip

Full itinerary details can be found here: Bali Indonesia Travel Guide


Our budget just met the actual expenses. Bali is inexpensive to travel to, and everything is negotiable (one of the many things we liked in Bali).

We spent a total of PHP 110,593.05 for all 5 of us at PHP 21,000 to PHP 23,000 per head including everything. Full details of this budgeting and the list of expenses and prices in Bali can also be found in the Bali Indonesia Travel Guide.


  1. Spare time to learn a little of Balinese or Indonesian language to interact more with the locals, though you won’t have problem in communication as English here is almost as good as in the Philippines.
  2. Prepare to spend some for donations in certain areas/places, consider that we are just visitors, and we help them for maintenance of their tourism.
  3. As everything in Bali is negotiable, prepare yourself to bargain most of the time, but of course do it nicely and reasonably.
  4. Read more of most recent blogs to get updated information of the rates, operation hours, etc of the places you want to visit.
  5. Try Balinese food!!! They taste awesome! But be prepared for its spicy-ness! 😂
  6. Bali’s mostly hot all year round, so pack your appropriate clothes.

✓ Sarong or Malong (optional: if you have issues using free sarongs in temples)
✓ Shawl (optional: to cover your shoulders, and for sun protection as well)
✓ Dry Bag (it’s a must to waterproof gadgets and cash if you will have water activities or travelling thru boats)
✓ Mosquito repellent
✓ Re-usable water bottle (as Bali is mostly hot all year round, so you won’t have to buy each time)
✓ Remember to bring USD instead of PHP
✓ Cap or Hat


Detailed list of this blog can be seen here: Bali Indonesia Travel Guide

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Wanagiri Hidden Hill

Address: Jl. Raya Wanagiri, Munduk, Singaraja 81161, Bali, Indonesia

Entrance Fee: Rp150,000/ adult

You can negotiate the entrance fee to Rp50,000/ adult if you would only use fewer platforms.



The Lookouts





We initially chose those 3 platforms above for the Rp50,000 entrance fee, but later on they allowed us to use the other platforms without additional cost.

From our perception, they can allow Rp50,000/ adult rate for the use of all platforms EXCEPT the actual swing (like in the Bali Swing). During the negotiation, it looks like it’s what that’s only matters to them.

Yeah, so luckily we were also able to try the others. 😊


Yes, the original price of Rp100,000/ adult is a bit expensive for just a photo opportunity which can be done in only 30 minutes. But if you consider their preparation, how they built these platforms and made sure they were all safe is already unremarkable. And their management is already considerate of the bargaining as well. Maybe we should just try to ask and negotiate with them nicely and with respect. 😊

Anyway, Wanagiri Hidden Hill is still enjoyable even that you will only spend few minutes inside. You will be embraced with that very calming and stunning view of the lake. Very relaxing!


Wanagiri Twin Lakes


Not too far from the Hidden Hill is a platform made to oversee the two lovely twin lakes of Wanagiri. They are the Buyan Lake and Tamblingan Lake.


So romantic isn’t? Why not plan your Wanagiri trip now? You will not regret! ☺️

Visit Wanagiri Hidden Hill’s pages here:

NOTE: Details on this blog are accurate as of September, 2018



Guide Rai can help you out! Plan the tour, Ride you there, Photograph you out, plus additional Bali trivia 😂 You can reach him thru the following links below, and please send our regards!

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Toya Devasya, a Natural Hot Spring in Batur

Address: Toya Bungkah, Batur, Kintamani, Bali, Indonesia

Note: There is an insurance fee of Rp31,000/ adult upon entry in Batur Town. It is required to every tourist visiting the town.

Entrance Fees: Rp300,000/ adult for day trip with lunch buffet

There are rooms in villas, and camping accommodations as well for long-staying guests, check it here: Toya Devasya: The Ayu Villa

For day trips, reservation is not required but is preferred.


Your day trip rate includes the following:

  • Entrance fee
  • Lunch buffet
  • Pool towel
  • Locker (limited only, so you’ll be sharing with your friends)
  • Soap and shampoo at the shower room

Food and Beverages

This is their restaurant where you can have your buffet meals. You’ll have nothing to worry about their food in here, all are very awesome! 😋

Their menu mostly includes Indonesian, Chinese, and Indian cuisine. They have other restaurants and bars inside you can choose from, see here: Toya Devasya Restaurants

batur-21You will be awarded of this amazing view while already enjoying those delicious foods!

Hot Spring

After meal, you can now revitalize yourself thru this natural hot spring overlooking to the beautiful Mt. Batur! Really refreshing! 🤩batur-3batur-4batur-5batur-6

Got excited to bath in this naturally warm pool? You can book your stay here now!

Check Toya Devasya’s rates and availability here:

NOTE: Details on this blog are accurate as of September 2018


Need help in visiting the hot spring? Having an expert guide and driver might help! We’re recommending Rai of Raitour. Check him out here:

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Pura Gunung Kawi

Address: Banjar Penaka, Tampaksiring, Gianyar, Bali, Indonesia

Opening Hours: 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Entrance Fee: Rp30,000/ adult

Dress Code: Sarong and sash are required to enter the temple. These are already included in your rate, you will receive it once you enter the main gate after the cashier

Note: For those already wearing long dresses (as long as knees are covered), you will only need a sash.


You still have to walk for a few more meters to finally reach the temple. Along the way, you’ll pass by souvenir and coffee stores.

Now ready to do this trekking 😂


This river is the same river flowing to the Tirta Empul Temple. There’s also another of this inside. The platform on the right-most side is where the coffee store is. You can have your rest in here. I think this is the half point of the entrance and the main temple.

After few minutes of walking, you will finally reach this second gate, this is now the main entry to the temple.



Gunung Kawi is known to be the most unique archaeological sites in Bali due to its impressive carved rock structures. It comprises of different temple funeral shrines with each respective kings/gods.


This one behind us is one of the funeral shrines in Gunung Kawi. You will find more when you explore the temple further.




Our guide said that this shrine below is for those who pray for business (sadly I forgot the term).


And this one below is another with no particular denotation.


There’s a legend about this temple that it was built for king Udayana and his 4 sons while other historians say it is his 4 wives. You can learn deeper when you visit the temple and actually interact with the people inside.


Interested of Gunung Kawi’s history? Schedule your visit now!

NOTE: Details on this blog are accurate as of September 2018


Our driver, Rai, can be of service for you. We are very happy to recommend him! From him alone, you can already learn a lot from Bali’s history and mystery 😂 Connect with him here:

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Tegallalang Rice Terraces

Address: Jl. Raya Tegallalang, Tegallalang, Kabupaten, Gianyar, Bali, Indonesia

Opening Hours: Rice Terraces is open 24/7, however guides are only available during the day

Entrance Fee: Rp15,000/ adult


While you go/ trek further, you’ll pass by some entry gates, and donations are expected each time.

Tip: We arrived here at around 7:30 AM and there’s no one at the entry point yet so we were still able to go in for free ☺️


This is where you will encounter the second gate for donations. There’s a store for coffee, tea, soft drinks, and water.

The field is very exposed to sunlight, so you’ll really have to bring protectors (cap, hat, umbrella) and drinks, and towel as well.

Unfortunately, we were only able to take a photo of this small swing rather than the gate and the store.


Also in this point is a swing (like in the Bali swing), in which we did not have the time to try as there are still no people in here yet when we passed by.


As you trek further, going to the back-most side, you’ll find this point where there’s a beautiful sunrise setting.



The field is still very fresh in the morning and only a few people were there yet. There are also locals living inside the field, and you’ll pass by their houses during the trek.

Please be kind and considerate to them, follow the signage if the points are not allowed for tourists to enter, as this is their livelihood. We are just visitors.

Picture Platform

Use of picture platforms expects donations as well ☺️ You may already allot a budget for donations. Think of it as our way of helping the farmers and the locals to maintain their rice field.

NOTE: Details on this blog are accurate as of September 2018


Glowing rice terraces isn’t? If you need a ride/ car service, try our driver, Rai. He’s very kind and accommodating! You can connect with him thru these links:

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Kecak Dance & the Uluwatu Temple

Address: Jl. Raya Uluwatu, Pecatu, South Kuta, Badung Regency, Bali, Indonesia

Opening Hours: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM. For worship, it is open 24/7

Entrance Fee: Rp30,000/ adult

Dress Code: Sarong and sash is a must before entering the temple facility. They provide these at the entrance gate for free.

Guides are not necessary as the area is fully established, you won’t lose your way.





Kecak Ramayana is a Balinese Hindu dance and music drama which portrays the epic poem Ramayana. The dance creatively shows the poem’s narrative about the struggle of a divine king, Rama, to rescue his wife, Sita, from the demon king, Ravana.

Performed everyday from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM

Ticket Price: Rp100,000/ adult


The whole show lasted for 1 hour. Can’t imagine how those men survived the mouth chanting that long. But definitely worth it!

The show has been very emotional and dramatic, with some comedic scene from some of its cast. 😂

There’s a photo opportunity with the casts after the show.

Like this one below, our favorite character in the play. Hanoman, the white monkey who helped Rama in rescuing Sita when she almost take her own life in despair.


The show was very entertaining, the story-line is truly dramatic and romantic. The casts were very good at their respective portrayals. The poem’s characters were given justification. Plus the very emotional sunset scene at the background. Really an unforgettable experience!

Enchanted of the show? Plan your Bali vacation now and pay this a visit.

NOTE: Details on this blog are accurate as of September 2018


Should you need a very good driver/ guide/ photographer, you can contact Rai. We are proud to recommend him! Connect with him here:

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